Friday, January 9, 2009

Mason is here!

Mason Charles Mcveay was born 10 November at 3:56 A.M and was 7lbs1oz and 20 inches long.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still Here

.. and will update pictures over the weekend. We will be spending tomorrow at Holiday Park with Bryans work. The kids will have a blast!

Ive pretty much finished shopping for mason. We still need a Carseat, i cant find one i really like enough to pay $20.00 Plus for shipping :( The selection here is slim unless i want to buy a european Car seat on the Economy, but the Euro rate is .61 Cents to our Dollar!! highway robbery!

Bryan reinlisted for another 3 years last week so ill post pictures of that soon too.

Christmas Shopping has already started. Riley will be a cinch, He is really into the Ben 10 Movies and action figures. and he wants the bedding too. Sawyer is going to be a little harder because he is inbetween the baby and toddler stage. he still enjoys Stacking things and balls. You can only go so far with that. He really isnt big enough for a bike. and doesnt really play with cars yet. so he will be more of a challenge this year! and Mason will only be a month old so he will be pretty simple as well. We already have tons and tons of baby toys. So i am going to sew him a Sock monkey like i made for the boys last year and Some clothes, and im sure a few little toys.

Bryan and i's 5 year anniversary is coming up and i cant really think of anything i want. so i told him i wanted one of those Kitchen Aid Mixers (ive been into experimenting with cooking and baking a lot lately) and Season 4 of desperate housewives. thats about all i can think

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


on occasion Riley will ask me for lunchmeat ( i am not one to fill my kids up on that crap! i am in no way saying lunch meat is bad, we eat it, i just prefer other things that arent filled with Saturated fat and Cholesterol.) i bought bologna this last time from the grocery store. Because a Bologna sandwich just sounded so good to me. So he asks for it and i give it to him telling him its not turkey its Bologna.
Five minutes later he comes back in and says
"That was good mom, can i have more bubpoowoni pwease".

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dishwasher Days

Most days i try to hide from Sawyer that i am unloading or loading the dishwasher for obvious reasons. But today i let him help, he took out plastic cups and plates and stood on his tippy toes to set them up on the counter. After we were finished he gave me a hi-five and shut the dishwasher door. Maybe ill let him help out more often, he was so proud of himself!

Boys will be Boys

Despite my best effort, i can never get a great photo of both boys together.
Not even when they are wearing they're cutsey Matching old navy tees (that i only paid $2.50 for) and of course Jean Shorts.
Looking at Daddy
We found Loreal Kids shampoo on sale and the Shampoo bottles came with Goggles.
Of Course we had to buy two. :) and they had a blast in the bathtub!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mason Charles update!

Just got back from my appointment. I had my one hour Glucose test to check for Diabetes. Everything was A-ok. So far we are just sailing right along. Mason Weighs 2 pounds and is 12 inches long. i am still measuring almost TWO weeks ahead soo.. we may have a late october baby.

Next App: August 29th. From now on babys heartbeat will be monitored for 30 minutes at each appointment from now until Delivery!

Babys Name:

Mason : after noone in particular, i just think it flows with Riley and Sawyer and sounds a bit country too! (reminds me of My mom and Dad canning green beans in Mason Jars) :)

Charles: After my Dad. Although I didn't appreciate it at the time, he gave me a love of learning, a love for the land, and taught me about patience, dedication, and loyalty. Unfortunately, he sometimes demanded perfection, but maybe that was my adolescent perception of the situation. Now, I think maybe he was trying to teach me to use my mistakes as training mechanisms, which I have always done.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Escape artist

Friday night i hear cries on the baby monitor coming from Sawyer's room. I roll over and peek at the monitor and i still hear cries but very faint. they arent triggering the lights on the monitor, So i get up and turn on the hall light and see Sawyer standing at the end of the hall. Little booger boy must have climbed out of bed, i scooped him up and put him back to bed and all was well the rest of the night. he has NEVER done that before and cant believe he did in the middle of the night in pitch dark. Not sure if he is ready to transition to a toddler bed just yet as he is all over his crib all night and i would be afraid of him falling out of bed. He has yet to do it again since friday, maybe he will stay put for now.

Riley Funny: We were grilling some hotdogs and corn yesterday evening and it started to sprinkle rain, Riley being the silly boy he is screamed "The Sky is Falling". Maybe he watched Chicken Little one too many times :).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I usually tend to roll out of bed before the boys around say 6ish each morning, so that i can have time for myself before our day begins. This morning i rolled over and a cute little three year old was sleeping soundly in bryans spot. We have a routine, especially for meals and nighttime, last night we let the boys stay up until 8:30 ( ahalf hour past bedtime) let me back up, Riley was especially well behaved yesterday and i needed to go to the grocery store for a few things, so i told him he could pick out something that he wanted. He picked balloons, you know the ones that clowns make animal shapes with? the bag came with a pump, and i was all for hand pumping balloons since i loose my wind easily trying to blow them up by mouth. So anyway, i wish i would have taken pictures, Bryan was making silly animal shapes from the balloons and the boys were wearing them on their heads it really was so cute!

It seems that summer is making an early end around these parts, it has been cold and rainy the past week or so, and i think the boys are getting cabin fever. Riley especially! We run out of things to do around the house most days and always looking forward to daddy coming home after work. Speaking of Bryan he is studying and getting ready to go to the E-6 board come August, another raise in rank and pay would be awesome. he wont be picked up in august though if he does ok on the board we will have to wait for his points to be added and then he will be able to be picked up after that! Also we are looking at buying houses in Kentucky, we have found some pretty nice ones. we arent buying yet of course, just exploring our options. Also we have invested in Kansas city life, extra life insurance for the both of us (we already have coverage thru the army) and we are learning about investing along the way.

The pregnancy is going smoothly, i am over half way there already. My next Doc app is at the end of this month. i will also have my Glucose screening for Diabetes as well. We still havent done much baby shopping yet, we need everything! after Sawyer was born i gave away everything as he outgrew it. although we werent planning any more kids, things happen and this time i will keep everything in storage for at least the next 10 years.. ha ha!! Actually this coming month i am going to go get everything we need all at once and be finished with it. We actually turned Masons room into the playroom, and put the crib in our bedroom for now. I will be up and down all night for the first few months and our house is so big, i want to be able to get to him fast so we dont wake the other kids anyway. So no toys in the boys bedrooms, just beds and dressers, trust me it makes for easy daily cleanups :).

Pictures to come later.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pictures from today

It seems riley was watching me take my belly shot today and he wanted one too!
The boys actually getting along, Sawyer wants so much for his big brothers attention. he will take what he can get!
I love this one!
Note: Riley has been picking out his own clothes everyday. He always wants Jeans and long sleeves... even when its 90 Degrees outside. Lucky for him it was chilly today.
Ok, this one is my definate favorite!
Sawyer after his cereal

Riley after waking up.
He doesnt like having his picture taken
and finally.. Me at just about 24 weeks. I feel so huge. is it November already?

June 2009

Fort Campbell Kentucky.. Here we come!!

so it is months away, but i am so excited to be back stateside and close to my family!! The boys and i will leave Germany a few months early to visit with family probably April timeframe so really that isnt so far away!! Just had to post the good news. ill be back with some pictures later.

Amy: i got the t-shirts from there are tons to choose from. i am thinking about ordering more later on i think the boys are going to look sooo cute :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

T-Shirts for the Boys

i found these t-shirts online, and this is what the boys will be wearing when we come home from the hospital. i am looking for long sleeve shirts to go underneath because im sure it will be cold in November. Riley

and.. Mason

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a Month?

well i certainly cant believe it has been over a month since i last posted anything. We have been busy bees, playing and spending as much time as we can get in outside before winter hits. here are a few pictures and i promise to update more promptly next time!! Almost 23 weeks along
Sawyer trying to blow a birthday blower at a party last weekend
Baby Boy (we have a name, we will tell in due time :)
Boy Parts and profile view of face
Riley enjoying the weather and flying his kite
Dad and his boys
after ice cream :)

he wanted to feed sawyer his eggs this