Tuesday, September 6, 2005

St. Louis Cardinals Game Plus Anniversary

Well today (on mom and dads anniversary) i went to the ST. Louis Cardinals game with mom and dad. At first they were going to get me a babysitter..BUT i insisted that they take me and Mom gave in and said i could go. I stayed awake for the whole game i only cat napped between innings :).. to bad the Cubs kicked the cardinals bums.. o well! i loved all the yelling and clapping.. this made me giggle.. YAY!!Dad made fun of the seats that mom picked he said we were sitting all the way in space. but when we finally got to sit down.. dad even admitted that the seats were pretty good. although i did want dad to catch me a foul ball.. that didnt happen. Dad and mom made up for it though. they bought me a baseball bat and a ST Louis Baseball teddy bear figurine. Mom says i am spoiled but at least i didnt get one of those $7.00 lemonades that dad just Had to have! all in all it was a great day :)

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