Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Go to sleep Little DUDE!!

Just Two nights ago it was hot enough to use our portable air conditioner.So hot in fact, we spent the nights in the living room sleeping, so we could be in the cool.
Last night it was FRRREEEEZING cold. I mean cold enough for the heaters to be turned on full blast. BUT they must have turned the heaters off in the whole building because ours would not work AT ALL. Thankfully the portable air conditionerwe bought last summer is also equiped with a heater unit. and i took full advantage of that.I had three blankets on top of me last night as well as a sweatshirt and i still had to put my head under the covers to sleep. what is up with this weather?

Riley would not go to sleep last night. as i drifted off he was awake on the couch, At 3 A.M when Sawyer woke up to eat. his big eyes were STILL AWAKE on the couch. Now Bryan says he fell asleep at some point last night. But when i was feeding Sawyer he was awake again. He stayed up until around 5 when bryan took him to his own bed. I woke up this morning and he was asleep. But not for very long. i made a cup of coffee, sat down at the computer to check my email and within 5 minutes he was up. No more late naps for Riley. Even the benadryl for his allergies didnt make him groggy. perhaps his body is just getting used to it now.Because before he was out within the hour of giving it to him.

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