Thursday, May 31, 2007

:.:King Cry Babies:.:

It was definately not a quiet day around this house.

Both boys were whiney. ALL .day.

Riley cried over just about everything.
He cried when i wouldnt give him candy for breakfast, because i didnt put the right
movie into the DVD player and because apparently i was looking at him the wrong way.

Sawyer cried because who knows. he wanted to be held, even when he was sleeping. My arms sure do hurt.

After dinner both boys did a complete 360. ANGELS! Bryan took riley for a bike ride again.

and i had some quiet time at home just sawyer and i. i took tons of pictures while he was gleefully
kicking and waving his arms around in the bathtub. He is almost 4 months old, i thought i would try
some rice cereal tonight. HE absolutely loved it. i have a video that u will upload to u tube tomorrow morning

I think the cereal did the trick, because he is now happy, giggling and playing down on the floor .Alone.
something he hasnt done at all today. No more tears!! and that makes for a HAPPY ME :)

Now lets hope they both sleep tonight!

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Katkat said...

My husband called our son Bi-polar at that age. It funny how up and down they are. What wonderful pictures!!