Thursday, May 31, 2007

:.:Thursday :. Thirteen:.: Riley :&: Sawyer :Edition:.:

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2. You are Two of my Greatest Accomplishments
3. There is nothing that i would rather see than your smiles,
4. and nothing i'd rather hear than your laughter
5. You are full of life
6. and filled with surprises
7. Trying to keep up with you has been many things: rewarding, Challenging, Hopeful and fullfilling
8. in every one of your years and months you have given me more happiness and love than most people will ever dream of
9. i now know that the true miracle of that first touch lies in one simple truth
10. You have taught me hope and patience
11. I love watching you grow, those memories are ones i Cherish
12. Thank you for coming in to my life
13. and for allowing me the chance to learn and grow with you.

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sasha said...

This is a very sweet T13 list! :)

Happy TT! Mine's up... about dreaming and all :)

Uisce said...

Very nice list! Thanks for stopping by mine!

Maine Mom said...

I agree with Sasha...a very sweet list :-)

Raggedy said...

Beautiful TT!!
I also love your blog title!
Happy TT'ing
Mine is up too.

Tink said...

What a lovely list... Thanks for sharing!
My TT shares 13 things about the blue moon.