Saturday, June 9, 2007

:.:In Search of Chase:.:

It does not feel like it has been Two days since i posted anything. But we have been Super busy. Tiffany, Josh & Chase left two days ago.

Riley has lost two of his friends in the span of one month. Our little Guy is so lonely. It hurts me to see him sad and noone to play with.

Yesterday we had to go over to tiffanys and wait on the packers to get there so they could pack their things. The whole walk over riley kept repeating "Chase, Chase" and when we went into the house he was in search for Chase in every room.

i hope he makes some new friends soon.


why i'm thankful today said...

awwwww - that would break my heart. So sad when we lose friends ...

Cole&HaydensMom said...

Awww I am so sad for Riley Bugs! I wish we were there and then him and Cole could play all the time! I am sure he will have tons of new friends in no time though because he is such a great kid!

Anonymous said... sad.