Tuesday, June 12, 2007

:.:Learning new Things:.:

For the past week or so, i have been teching Riley were everyone lives. State wise. he cracks me up. Here are a few Examples.

Me-Me & Pawpaw lives in Mississippi : Riley says "me-me pawpaw wives Sippi Sippi"

Papa and Grandma live in West Virginia: Riley Says " Gemaw and papa wive in Wes Birgina"

Chase lives in Kentucky: Riley says "chase tucky tucky"

Cute eh?

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Cole&HaydensMom said...

that is so cute! I love the way they talk! Cole though the other day said the cutest thing. My cousin was getting ready for the day and he went up to her and I swear clear as day like he has been talking for 20 yrs asked " Do you like me?" How cute is that!?