Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 3

Thirteen boring things ive been up to this past week

1. Hmm.. Cleaning my house (this is a non stop Venture)
2. Trying to entertain my 4 month old who has a five minute attention span
3. Putting my sons train set together, Over and over a zillion times a day
4. Playgroup (this is my weekly relief)
5. Searching for rileys missing clothes that were stolen out of the laundry room (i know they were stolen) so why do i keep searching for them? im still finding missing things that were in my laundry that day! and i know who did it! i think its sad.
6. Making salads big ones because it seems my husband is addicted to them
7. Going to the movies with my friend, yes bryan this week too :)
8. taking a shower or a couple ;)
9. Sleeping or at least attempting to
10. driving for an hour and a half this weekend just to get burger king. No, that wasnt what we had planned. Thats just how it worked out. yes, we do have a burger king about 20 minutes away.
11. taking lots of pictures of my kiddos.1
2. i have NOT ordered anything on ebay all week!!! YAY!!
13. looking on ebay for things i can buy next week ...Lol
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Briana said...

I'm dying to know the story behind the trip to Burger King.

pawpads said...

Great list. I ought to do a boring one ~ 'cept I'll never remember.

I'm really enjoying looking around your blog.