Monday, July 23, 2007

A week two in review

Thursday Our computer crashed during a lightening storm. The electric was out for nearly 3 hours, so i am using the laptop for now until we can get it fixed. I have 2 folders of pictures that hopefully arent lost forever.

We have been on the go, the past week. Tuesday and Thursday was playgroup. Wednesday was the movie matinee for the kids. They watched Flushed away this week. Thursday night is my night togo to scrapbooking for a few hours. and saturday we started and finished the bulk of our Christmas Shopping for the kids.

We also had the boys pictures taken, we pick those up this coming weekend. They are going to be sooo adorable. The pictures are going to look "Vintage" we dressed the boys in jean overalls with no shirts and no shoes and they wore the little paper boy caps. Sawyer sat in a basket and Riley sat on two old suitcases. they both did a great job at sitting still and no crying.

We bought riley a handy dandy notebook, for the first ThREE days he carried it everywhere, even slept with it. He mimics Joe from blues clues, its too cute to watch. alas, i caught him drawing on his bedroom wall so i took the crayon away. Yesterday he asked me nicely if he could have his crayon so he could write in his "HANKY bOOK" so i gave it back to him and let him know ifi caught him drawing on the wall again he wasnt going to be allowed to carry the crayon around with his "hanky book".

Sawyer turned five months old, i cannot believe how fast he is growing. He has only rolled over a handfull of times. i suppose he just doesnt feel the need. This month he has love for Baby Einstein,His jumperoo and walker. He is eating like a champ, i now know how it is to have a good eater and i like it. He is still sleeping thru the night. He is a very laid back baby. we are enjoying him soo soo much.

Here in the next few weeks i am planning on bringing the boys back to the Good Ol' US of A. I am really excited, it has been a little over a year since i have seen any of my family, and Sawyer hasnt gotten to meet any of them yet. Plane tickets are outrageous from Germany to Pittsburgh.

i have pictures to post but i need bryans memory stick and he forgot to leave it with me today, so ill post new pictures of the boys tonight.


Cole&HaydensMom said...

Let me know when you are coming home I will try to make it to WV!!!! We so need to get the kids together!

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