Sunday, July 8, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

Wow, The weekend went fairly well for us.
On saturday we went to Weisbaden PX didnt really find much. So we just bought the stuff we needed like shampoo, laundry detergent, and i wont bore you with the rest.

Then we headed to Mainz-kastel, of course we hit the toy store first because its my... i mean Rileys favorite place. We initially went to pick up Sawyers bath soap and two of the small srollers which they didnt have, but whatever. But guess what they did have? First.. Bryans dad sent riley money for Christmas (last year) to buy him a power wheels or 4-wheeler. and they havent had them in stock since before Christmas, so we had been hanging on to the money and whatdoya know they had them in the store TODAY! So we snatched the Ford F150 power wheels up and bought it for him. They also had a Safari wagon that seats two that was really cool so we put that on layaway (in fear that if we brought it home with us, we would give in and open it.. we are like big kids didnt you know)so we have one Christmas present for the boys out of the way. Anyway, the big power wheels box clearly wouldnt fit in the car. so bryan took it out of the box and stuffed it in the trunk, and when he threw the box away riley was deeply upset, saying " Dad threw my Shruck away" so we had to take him back to the car and show him that his "Shruck" was in the trunk. then it was off the the furniture store to look at a coat rack seat bench to go in our hallway, so it will be easier for bryan to take his shoes off when he gets in the house (i despise shoes in the house, you can thank my dad for that :) ) We could have bought it, and we wanted to. BUT we already had a power wheels stuffed into the trunk, i guess we could have had it delivered.Maybe. Next time. Both of the boys were really (and i mean really) were so good. i had sawyer in the hip carry with my Sling. have i mentionedhow much i love my slings? ok anyway. ill take pictures of riley on his new "Shruck" probably this evening since we are going to try and BBQ if the weather permits.

( A picture of the Sling, in case someone out there has no idea what one is. i grabbed this picture off of the sling website where i buy my slings.)

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