Friday, August 10, 2007

You know you Live in Germany when...

You know your in Germany when...
1. You think AFN is quality entertainment, minus the occassional blackouts in the summer.

2. You realise that Ausfahrt isn't the biggest city in Germany.

3. You forgot how to use round doorknobs.

4. 100 MPH seems like you're really driving slow.

5. You're an expert at converting prices to euro or dollars.

6. If you've been here a really long time, you can convert to marks.

7. You've hung up on a confused German when you dial the wrong number.

8. You've been to school with a ridiculous amount of snow and still not had a snow day.

9. You have had a bomb threat day.

10. You don't drive anywhere even though you are over 16.

11. When visiting the States, you think that when you buy something that costs $0.99, it'll actually cost that much.

12. You've felt somewhat guilty when you use the reststop bathrooms and don't pay.

13. You've made fun of several German guys for wearing daisy dukes or man-pris.

14. You realise that a disco is not as lame as it sounds and doesn't play the greatest dance hits of ABBA.

15. You've been on holiday to Sweden and realise that they still play ABBA on the radio as if it's the newest hit.

16. When you think of fast food, Döner is a very good option.

17. You know to not go to the sauna in a German pool, or you'll pay the price.

18. You've managed to make a mix of German and English and have everyone in the room understand.

19. You've learned to deal with no air-conditioning, no matter how miserable it is.

20. You think football (soccer) is the best sport ever invented.

21. You know what a handy is.

22. The town's annual fest is the high-light of your summer.

23. You think drinkin isn't that big of a deal

24. You still own transformers and adaptors

25. You've blown up at least one electronic device because you plugged a 110 volt device into a 220 voltage plug.

26. You now know the strass schedule like the back of your hand

27. You know what a stau is

28. Your farmily owns a nice collection of bier steins that she displays proudly on her shelf unit. Oh, and throw in those wooden plates with a castle carved into them.

29. You like mayonaise on your french fries (or shall we say pomme frites?)

30. You've had your prom and graduation at an old castle.

31. Ladies: you shop at pimkie

32. You go see a movie that was already released in the states two months ago...OH, and you only pay like 2 dollars to get in.

33. You've hung out at the bumper cars many a time during fest.

34. You buy minutes for your handy (cell phone) but when they run out, it's still free for someone to call you

35. You have your hangouts on post: behind the community chapel, the baseball dugout, the bowling alley, and the YS :)

36. Everyone at school wants to stress the fact that they represent some town in the U.S. ("I represent the G.A. or "I represent the West Side") when really you know you are just an military brat who doesn't really have a home town.

37. You've gotten used to watching either German or British MTV (the German one has subtitles! yay!)

38. Your music collection includes European artists such as S club 7 or Craig David or Liberation X

39. Naked, hairy people at the schwimmbad don't phase you anymore,,,

40. Working at McDonalds requires you to speak at least two languages fluently

41. For the jocks: you had your grades and attendence up to par but you couldn't play because you forgot your passport

42. You pushed the idea of not having classes the Monday following the Super Bowl because it was aired Real-Time on AFN and you never finished watching it until 0200 plus nobody came in on time anyhow.

43. It was no unusual to spend weekends going to different countries like it was nothing.

44. You can't count on two hands the number of countries you've been to but you only need 3 fingers to cover the number of states

45. You have many close friends but none of them live within driving distance of your house.


Briana said...

This is funny. Sounds alot like what my friend talks about. She's still here visiting family, but returns in September to Germany.

Andrea said...

Hey, Ijust found your blog through Briana's and just love this post.
I was born and raised in Germany and moved to the US in 1990.
Got my citizenship in 2002.
How long have you been over there?