Sunday, December 30, 2007

a few more for today..

Sawyer's First Christmas
Riley Opening Gifts
The Sock monkeys i made for the Boys Stockings. i also Recieved a sewing machine for Christmas this year and i am looking forward to making many more projects :)
Riley and daddy Feeding the Reindeer on Christmas eve.

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MarlaCharles said...

Next time I need sock monkeys I will just send you the stuff and see if you can make them for me. I made some for the kids for Christmas (I think sock monkeys are the cutest) and they turned out kinda disfigured looking! It was pretty bad. WHo would have thought I could mess up freaking sock monkeys right???

Looks like the boys had a great Christmas, they are growing so fast, and both just as adorable as they can be!

I was going to add your page to my links, do you mind???

Happy New Year! Hugs to all!
Aunt Marla