Thursday, January 17, 2008

and i said i had nothing to say YESTERDAY.

Yesterday started out bad, i was in the middle of an email, and i heard this Blood curdling scream. It was nontheless Riley, i ran to him and he had blood running down his leg and a broken coffee cup handle in his hand. i picked him up and ran to the kitchen, where i took a peek only to see a small gash, not a surface scratch like i had hoped. i applied pressure and called bryan, only he didnt answer his phone. Luckily, a co-worker of bryans said that she
would be right over to pick us up. and i had gotten a hold of bryan at that point and he was on his way. Stephanie was here to watch the other kids and we were on our way. we didnt have to wait long at the clinic thankfully a nurse was able to see us right away. Riley stopped bleeding at this point. The nice nurse had Riley lay on the table, belly side down while she applied clear liquid stitches. Riley was rattling away telling her that "he had a bed at home" it was also
mentioned that he jumps on his bed and "i peed on my bed" she had a good laugh. He also told the nurse (much to my embarassment) to "get off of me butt". She was finishing up and he told her "tank You" in the sweetest little voice, and preoceeded to turn the light off in the room and said goodbye. for now, he isnt touching or messing with it. it really isnt as bad as i thought.


"who Wrote on your wall?"
"wiweee did it"
"You know better than to write on anything but paper Riley"
"i soweee"

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