Sunday, January 13, 2008


Today was business per usual. only i was sick, very sick to my stomach. We were supposed to take Stephanie shopping today at H&M but i just couldnt leave the house. Bryan still took her and i stayed home for some much needed R&R. I kept the boys, i made them stay in the living room so i didnt have to get up off the couch.i even played basket ball with riley while setting. he would fetch the ball and bring it back to me for me to shoot a basket. He even got mad at me because i kept He went wild everytime his ball made it in. he was estatic, it felt great to see him so excited. I think riley is going to be the one into everything sports. he loves Soccer, baseball and basketball.He isnt too much into football and thats his daddys fortei. Its okay, im gonna let riley find whatever it is he likes best. You can bet all the money in my wallet that i will be there as soon as he is old enough (which is next year for socccer) the first one in line to sign him up! i cannot wait! maybe it will help deter some of his hyper activity. Maybe ill even sign him up for a gymnastics class, errr not.

and this is what we had for dinner tonight.....

Your jealous arent you?? Hee hee hee!

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