Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Blabber From The Older one.

I Just wanted to post a few of the Very Sweet and Funny things riley has said in the past few days.

On Christmas Eve Riley walked outside and was setting on the steps of our Apartment and was looking out the window, i walk out and ask him what he is doing and his reply was " I am waiting for Christmas" i almost died laughing. and maybe you just had to be there. But i told him if he was waiting for Christmas he would be there for a few hours.

Riley Loves his new fly wheels toy, but it poked him in the eye, i am almost positive it hurt. he kept screaming, and for all who know how schrill rileys voice can get. i calmly told him that screaming woud not make his eye feel better, his response "YES IT DO!!" Ha ha ha. anyway he continued screaming for the next hour. my ears are still ringing!

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