Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dog Leash Drama

Bryan was babysitting for a friend during lunch, and Riley was being his obnoxious self. the little girlcame out of the bedroom sobbing.

What happened?
"riley hit me with the dog leash"
"Bryan, its your turn come take care of this"

"Riley, do you hit people with this?" (showing him the leash)
Riley nodds "yes dad"
"Do you hit people with this?" (now shaking the leash at him)
Riley nodds yet again "yes dad"
"do you hit people with this"
" Riley nods again " i hit taylor wiff it"

i think Riley thought we were asking him if he in fact hit someone with it opposed to are you suppposed to hit with it. while i dont think its right, hitting is unexceptable. he still made me laugh.

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