Monday, January 21, 2008

A Fun Day at the Park

it was super nice out on Saturday, sunny but not too cold. The boys were able to ride to the park in their new wagon for the first time. We covered their legs with blankets and had them buckled in. They were ready to go! I even enjoyed myself, i loved letting loose and playing with my boys.
At First Sawyer wasnt to thrilled with the swing, he is clutching a tiny stick in his hand.
Riley ran for the play area full force, he loves to climb. i managed to get this really cutesy picture of him on his way to the top.
Running, Jumping, laughing, playing. He has all the energy!
This was after i caught him trying to lick dirt off a little rock, Nope it sure doesnt taste good.
i always love the pictures of the boys i take when they arent looking straight at the camera.
in the wagon and ready to roll.

Zooming fast down the big slide, i even went down a time or two.
The see-saw, i was at the other end. Riley wasnt too thrilled and only stayed on for a few minutes.

i cannot wait until it stays warm outside. This summer should be fun.

The lady who will be baking Sawyers birthday cake came by the house too, Her husband was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood when we were, Small world! Anyway, she does beautiful work and i cannot wait to see how Sawyers turns out. We decided to do a sheet cake with vanillla on the bottom layer and a foot ball chocolate cake on top. i talked to her a bit about Rileys cake too, We are going with spider man, he is in love with all things Spidey. He asked his dad the other day of he could have a spider man room. We have been looking at new bed room suits for him, so when he gets a new bed, hell get the spider man room.

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MarlaCharles said...

Love the pictures! The boys are so cute!

I am always so amazed with how much Riley looks just like Bryan did as a little boy. *sniffle* makes me emotional (and feel old!)