Monday, January 14, 2008

"i Soweee"

Riley was back at Basket ball this morning. Because we live in apartments and the floors are paper thin, i asked riley to please stop bouncing the ball because it was too early,

he whispered "i bounce the ball quiet mom"

(i couldnt help but tolaugh)"okay riley, you can play with your ball as long as your quiet, there are people probably still sleeping"
a few minutes later i heard sawyer crying. and riley was kneeling beside him:
" i soooweee, i soooweee"
i asked riley whathappened
"i go set on time out" i told him that he didnt have to go set on time out, to just be careful of sawyer.

I think he is getting it, my child for once in his life is listening and understands the concequences of his bad behavior.
Just sayin'

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