Friday, January 18, 2008

i'm Not Wittle im Wiley

After Lunch, i headed into rileys room to play with the boys. he wanted to play "nite nite" and tuck me into bed (imagine me laying on a toddler sized bed with my feet hanging over the edge). Riley insisted that i wear his sunglasses on my head. he brought me his tee-tee, and 3 stuffed animals and then covered me up with two of his blankies. he handed me my sippy cup and turned the volume down on the tv. he hugged and gave me a kiss. and went for the light switch. he informed me that i needed to pick my toys up "right now" in a stern but still loving voice. That boy cracks me up. i am guessing that he has memorized my consitency on bedtime. i do the same exact thing in the same order to a tee. the boy is smart what can i say! all i can do is smile because he is one of the sweetest little people on this planet and i am so glad that he is mine :)

i really havent written much about Sawyer, he is doing great. he is walking every where now and eats just about anything that we do, a great eater. i think he is way past the baby food stage, although i still do give it to him on occasion. He is a sweetheart,a big ball of sweetness! i think he will be my sensitive one. he makes my heart melt when he looks at me with those big blue eyes. he has me wrapped around his tiny fingers, and i am loving every moment!

i was explaining to a little boy that i babysit that riley is only two and he is five. i said riley is a little boy, Riley pipes up and says "im not wittle, im wiley"

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Elisa said...

Awww how cute!

Thanks for the comment btw. I'm feeling a little better today. Always seems I get sick when I try to start some big lifestyle change. LOL!