Sunday, January 6, 2008

i'm the parent

Never in my life have i Really had a new years resolution. I guess i really didnt think it was important .and i still dont. Most who do make resolutions forget about them after a few months. i just think its silly. i always hope for a better year. This past year my patience has been taken far beyond the limit. i have Zero left. Sometimes i think that i cant do this parenting thing anymore. But do realize i love both of my childrenwithout limits, i would do anything for them. Riley is my little limit pusher and he has always been. When i tell him no, he keeps pushing me hoping that i will give in, and i usually do. i am coming to realize that it is only selfish on my part and i cant keep letting him push me. i need to stand my ground because, well i am theparent and he is the child. but it often seems the other way around. So, this year i am going to be working on that with Riley, and i also need to work on my patience with him even when things get tough. because i do love him more than anything in this world and i only strive to make him happy. i want to be the parent and the children well, Simply children. Make any sense?

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