Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Not so Sick..

Both kids are fine. Riley didnt have what sawyer did. He was just having his morning cough fit i suppose.
I had kids at my house all day, im exhausted! Riley was so tired he begged to go to bed. He fell asleep with his hand in his snack bowl. i took pictures! but i need to put them on the computer still yet. so this will be a pictureless post!

Mommy boot camp is running smoothly, all week keeping on Rileys tail is making a big difference. I definately see a different kid! he still takes his time when i tell him to do/or not to do something. but at least he is listening to me.

Sawyer took a few more steps, walking back and forth in between daddy and i. He is getting there. i am almost 75% sure he will be walking by his first birthday.

Speaking of birthdays. Click the link HERE and you will be directed to what is going to be Sawyers birthday decor.

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MarlaCharles said...

Cute birthday theme!

As far as mommy bootcamp, good luck! Natalie and Seth have always been challenging (Natalie more so than Seth)and it took a long time for us to figure out the best way to handle her. There are still times we kind of draw a blank with a certain behavior or situation, but for the most part she is a wonderful little girl. Seth is just too busy! He is so boy! He is can be rowdy, and a hand full but he listens much better than Natalie did at his age.

I hope Sawyer is feeling better. Seth used to get EVERYTHING he came in contact with and throw in allergies, asthma and mystery rashes it made for a LONG winter. I can totally feel your pain!

Can't wait to see the pictures.

Have a great day!