Monday, January 7, 2008

The public Humiliation Begins

Something i forgot to mention the other day that now thinking back is pretty funny even if it wasn't at the time. We made a mad dash to the PX for some after Christmas shopping, all of that shopping made us hungry (not really, i think we were hungry before we even left home) but anyway, i was setting in the booth at burger king, riley was with me waiting on bryan to bring us our food. He was standing up in the booth talking very loudly, i quickly tried to hush him and told him to please set down. and he did, for about 30 seconds. I then proceeded to tell him that if he continued to misbehave i was taking him to the bathroom. He quickly huddled in the corner of the booth and said in a very loud Shreiking voice "dont hurt me" are you serious? did my child honestly scream dont hurt me out in public. i got quite the stare down from the couple who was setting in front of us. that is really embarrassing. Just for the record.. I Even when he does deserve it!

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