Friday, January 4, 2008

Ramble Ramble

Sawyer was cranky and ready to start the day at 5:45 this morning, which would have been ok buttoday was not a work day for me. and bryan and i stayed up talking for a good while. He didnt wantto set on the floor and play and he didnt want to be held or even eat. I gave him two teething tablets andthat seemed to do the trick. an hour later he was sleeping again. but Riley woke up so i didnt get to go back to bed.

Bryan took Riley to go pick up the car, and the rest of us stayed home had lunch and started getting ready for a day of shopping. We were able to check out a few of the German stores on the economy. H&M was ny was 3 levels! i could have spent so much money there. My intention was to pick out one item for each of us. it was so hard to decide. but whenn we got to the cash register they said they didnt take U.S dollars, i was disappointedbut i should have known better. if we would have used our card the bank would have automaticaly changed the Dollar to Euro. but there was no way i was standing in that line again. We called it a loss and decided to exchange the cash that i had to spend to Euro and go back the next day. but the walk through the shopping center was nice, it was just freezing cold for the boys.

We ate dinner at Mexico Lindo, i hadn't been there since the day i went into labor with Sawyer, it was really yummy. We met some friends there also. So it was a lot of fun for bryan and i at least. Our bill was reallyexpensive though $106 for four of us to eat!!! no wonder we dont eat there often!!

i sent out invitations to Sawyers birthday party as well today, i hope everyone RSVP's by 15 January, i have to order his party supplies offline and it may take a awile to get here. So far 3 Families have definately said yes they are coming. thats 5 kids plus my two. and im pretty sure the other three families will be attending as well. Rileys birthday is in april so that party is coming up as well. two parties in 3 months is a lot!

We recieved packages from my dad today for Christmas. Riley and Sawyer are enjoying Their gifts Very very much!! so thank you Dad and Sharron. Your gifts are always a hit! :)

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