Thursday, January 10, 2008

Reptile boy

Anyone have any advice for really dry, crusty skin? Sawyer will most likely change into a reptile in the near future if i dont find something that works. i lotion him up twice a day, so its not the lack of lotion. id really just like if my baby had really soft skin, is that so much to ask?

Riley has a new catch phrase "NO WAY", his vocabulary is growing nicely, he can say most words and i can almost understand everything. He still hates to sleep, it makes bedtime super fun for us at night. im sure you can imagine the chaos once 9:00 hits.

*Im cold
*Cover me up
* i need to pee
* get my cup!
* i wanna pick a movie
* snack
* Kiss, Kiss
*tuck me in
* i want my Tee-tee
* i want two Tee-Tees
* i need to pee

this goes on for about an hour, some nights he is still awake in his room while i am drifting off to sleep. for right now it isnt a bog deal. Because we have stephanie here and she usually is up late so she can make sure he doesnt get into mischief. i need a routine here people. Soon im gonna have to stay awake myself until he falls asleep.


MarlaCharles said...

Seth has always had really bad skin! Eczema, rashes, allergies etc you name it. We ALWAYS use Burt's Bees buttermilk lotion and soap. It has always worked wonders on his skin. My friend Kathy has a 3 year old who has eczema and I recommended it to her and it worked for her daughter too.

Have a great day!

Elisa said...

Cate has that same thing and I think it's because she's lactose intolerant. I was buying her Lactaid milk since she turned one b/c regular milk would constipate her. I only recently started giving her regular 2% organic like Emma drinks and the eczema is bad! All over her legs and back above her diaper. I've been using eczema cream but I think I just need to go back to lactose free milk. Just a thought.