Saturday, January 5, 2008


I have some exciting news, But ill get to that.
First a small recap of our day because i know we lead such an exciting life :)

ok i have nothing, i guess noone wants to hear about Grocery Shopping..right?

Sawyer took his first steps. WALKING. My little dudd Walked. all.on.his.own!
Im not sure if this was a one time thing.i mean i know of course that someday he will walk, maybe he just isnt ready. Sawyer is my lazy child. he has been crawling for ah 4 monthswith no real attempts to walk, so this is big. Riley walked inbetween 7 and 8 months so i am fairly anxious to see sawyer waddle around the house as well. Walk.BABY.Walk.

oh a little piece of advice
do not rent or buy the movie "the BTK killer", you would be wasting your time and money.
(taken from Rotton Tomatoes)
The project as a whole appears to have been shot on a handheld digital camera in someone's house. From the second B.T.K. began, I assumed the poor video and sound quality was a joke. Once the pathetic actors began talking, I continued to wait for a punch line, but it was never delivered. Indeed, B.T.K. Killer is a shameful mess with no objective, no joke, and no redeeming value. It is a lazy picture that stoops to a level far below amateur.
In addition to the painful technical aspects, the storyline itself does not offer a drop of insight into the life of B.T.K. This film shows a young Dennis Rader torturing women over and over by stuffing raw meat and live animals into their mouths until they die. Not only does this repetition of senseless violence not shed light on B.T.K's life, but these things never even happened. Unless I was misinformed in the news, there were no reports of the B.T.K. killer forcing women to eat animals. This leads to the ultimate question: why in the world was this movie made? Not only is the filmmaker completely out of his mind, but also the script can't even stay true to the real-life events of the B.T.K Killer. There is a word for films that stoop as low as this: worthless

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