Friday, January 11, 2008

"weady for School mom"

Riley woke up WET this morning, i really cant complain though. he is completely potty trained during the day. I can even take him out to stores and playgroup and he will tell me when he has to go. we havent had any accidents since we left Mississippi. So i am very proud. i still cant believe i only have ONE in diapers. i still forget at times, like when we are shopping and i pick up Sawyers diapers i automatically go for the size that Riley used to wear. i cant believe how grown up he is, how independant. He even asks me every morning to go to school. next year he will be old enough for pre school and i have every intention of sending him.

We still dont know for sure if we are moving to another location here in Germany this coming summer or if they will move us back stateside. Bryan and i were discussing places back in the states to live until his enlistment contract is up, we are also still not sure if he will be reinlisting. With his promotion i am sure a lot is weighing in his mind. So thats whats up with the moving thing. i want to move, more than anything. but i still dread being without all of our things for months at a time. and it will be even harder this time to live in an empty house with 2 kids.

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