Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chillis In Ramstein

We Drove up to Ramstein to do some shopping and eating with some friends this past weekend. It was a beautiful day,but very cold. we found Chilis fairly quickly but the wait was about an hour. So for us with two small children it was not a small task! We found a little tunnel doorway that was big enough for us to wait in and the kids had a little room to play. We were finally seated, and the waiter brought all of the kids a coloring page with a cross word puzzle, The adults worked on that!
Amber and i- Our new friends we met from Sweinfurt. they are really nice people and im sad that we just met them and they will be leaving soon, So this is life in the Army.
Mommy and Sawbugs, He really enjoyed the Texas Cheese fries and Mommys Blackberry Ice tea!
Riley with his freezer, we rarely ever let him have his own drink, we usually bring his sippy cup or he shares with us. Shortly after this picture he knocked it off the table and the waiter brought him a new one. i was always spilling drinks at restaraunts, just ask my dad.
Sawyer was very excited this was after i let him have a sip of rileys drink.

We had a great time, i really love their salsa. it tasted so fresh. i think everyone was happy with their meals. we will have to go back real soon.

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