Friday, February 1, 2008

First things first.

i was awarded the Excellent Blog award! Thank you A. Marla over at BraderFamily! Now ive got some thinking to do, Who will i give this awesome award to??
Sawyer is walking, EVERYWHERE! no more calused knees here. and folks he is going to be one little bruiser!! dont you dig the tube socks?
Ill hold your water bottle dad. I love how he tiptoes.

These are the cards that i made today for Valentines for Riley and Sawyer, well one of the cards anyway. i am still working on Bryans, still brain storming and gathering ideas. Now that i have been scrapbooking, its much more fun to make cards instead of buying them. I am still waiting for my quilt fabric to arrive in the mail and then i am going to start working on that also.

1 comment:

MarlaCharles said...

It's not my fault that you guys had to up and move to Germany of all places! lol Thats the army's fault!

Love the tube socks!