Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hoppy Easter

We colored eggs on saturday night. It seems that both kids enjoyed themselves. as so did we :)
Sawyer needed a little help, dropping his eggs in.
Mommy helped to get the eggs out of the cups with the spoon.
Sawyers First Easter Egg.
Concentrating on colors, which one will i pick next?

The finished eggs.
Both Boys easter baskets, minus the bunnies... i forgot (whoops) but they both got them later on in the day. i forgot where i hid them.
Sawyer and his basket.
Riley relaxing, taking a break from all the Chaos.
Sawyer, Still full of energy.
After dinner, all the kids got together for some more egg coloring.
Riley and Maleia
adding Stickers to his colored eggs.
My My, he sure is concentrating on those stickers.

Ready for the egg hunt
waiting for the other kids.
we had over 150 eggs between 5 kids. filled with money and candy.
Sawyer found one!!
actually, he only found a few.
riley opening his eggs to see whats inside :)
Layla and Riley
Layla, Riley, maleia, and Jo JO

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