Monday, March 17, 2008

A List of whats been going on.

Nothing new from this end really.

: I am sick, Morning, Noon & Night. I can hardly eat, i have no appetite. I forgot what it was like being pregnant. with two kids and a job. its really hitting me hard. the only food that appeals to me is vegetable soup. and vegetables with ranch dip. i love vegetables.

: The smell at meat frying makes me sick too. after i cook i cant eat it. i resort to my Vegtable soup craving. and if someone else cooks. i can eat that just fine.

: ive been in bed by 8:30 every night for the past two weeks. but i can only sleep until 5 AM. so i am always wide awake by then.

: i still have about 34 weeks of pregnancy left. thats a lot of days!

: Sawyer and Riley want to play, and mommy is just so tired. but i play with them anyway, because its not their fault that i feel so sick.

: The boys are becoming more jealous of one another, if riley is on my lap, sawyer wants to be too. and Vice versa. for now its fine. i have two legs, i usually set one kid on each leg and they are happy.

: we have finally established a bedtime that suits all of us. the boys go down at 7:30 or 8 and bryan and i can have adult time. We just finished up seasons 1-4 of Nip/Tuck. Now though i am in bed right after the kids.

: i am signing up to be a scrapbook consultant next month.

: We still may be moving back to the states as early as THIS SUMMER. We are just waiting on word from Bryans Boss.

: Bryan is going to the E-6/ Board soon.

i think ive managed to get all of the main things going on right now. we have a busy week. Coloring eggs, Making sugar cookies. and of course easter egg hunting. So check back for pictures.


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Amy said...

Hi Crissi - Sorry you are feeling so crummy...hopefully it passes quickly. Wow - big news that you may be back in the US as early as this summer - I hope that means you'll join the bunnies more often too! We miss you.