Saturday, March 8, 2008


It has been a little while since i have posted any sort of an update. For that i have very good

reason :). My children must have been cursed with the plague, Everytime someone remotely

coughs or looks like they may be sick glances in our direction, its inevitable and my kids

always contract it.. ALWAYS. This last one sent me for a spin. Riley was sick first with a sore

throat, Raging Fever and the worse cough i have ever heard in my life. Next came Sawyer

of course. He was a little more trying. i Spent most of that week in the blue recliner holding him.

I felt so bad for my poor babies.

We also purchased a new vehicle, we got it for quite a deal actually. Bryan had his eyes set on a

Jeep wrangler, i tried to persuade him from all angles. Safety..Blah blah blah. He pulled up

the safety consumer reports and just proved me wrong. wrong.wrong. I like it okay though. We

refinanced our Xterra at a lower rate and combined payments. Ive still been working

Most days and i am just exhausted, and now we are adding baby number 3 to the mix!

Last chance for our girl, and if my gut is right. it will be another boy and bryan will be on

his way to starting our very own football team. Last try last try... Thats what we said before

sawyer was born. :)

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The Gookins said...

Congratulations Crissi! I am soooo happy and excited for you guys! It would be great either way but I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it's a girl! We miss you on the April Bunnies! I hope you will post your good news soon!

Your Bunny Friends -
Lis and Molly :0)