Friday, April 11, 2008

A New House

Here are some pictures of our new house.
Please note: The furniture is not ours, and will be picked up and removed once we are moved in.
The living room, ( i couldnt get the whole room) but this is looking in from the front door. Where riley is standing there is a coat closet.
The Dining Room
More of the kitchen
The hallway leading to the bedrooms, at the end of the hall is a linen closet.
The first bedroom, This will be the new babys room. (oops forgot to rotate)
The second bedroom. Rileys room. (these bedrooms are really big, i just could not get the whole room from where i was standing.
Sawyers room. The third bedroom.
Laundry Room
Master Bedrom
The little white room leading from the master bedroom to the master bath.
Master Bathroom
Master Bathroom
2ND Bathroom, Guest bathroom
Second bathroom again

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The Gookins said...

Congrats Crissi! That's amazing how much space you have and it looks perfect for the four soon to be five of you! ;0) Congrats again! Lis and Molly