Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First Doctor Visit.

Well this morning was my first app for the new baby. Bryan and i had a little trouble finding he office even with our GPS system. Who would have know that a OB/GYN would be smack dab in the middle of some flower shops and a restauraunt. :) The boys played nicely in the waiting room with bryan and i did the first time paperwork, insurance, weight, blodd pressure and bloodwork. i am not sure how much weight i have gained so far. here they weigh you in KG instead of LBS.
i didnt do much waiting at all, we must have been one of the first appointments of the morning. My new doctor is very nice and speaks English very very well! i almost forgot she was German :). i was a little off on how far alons i am though, looks like i am almost a week further than i had thought. So instead of thirteen i am at fourteen weeks. the doctor will wait for my next appointment on June 2 to change my due date. I was able to see the baby via ultrasound. it was amazing! the baby was moving and waving little hands and legs. as of now, the doctor will not try and tell us the sex, but she did mention that she saw nothing between the legs. i do have pictures but our scanner is not hooked up yet, bryan needs to find some of the cables. but i will post pics of te boys later i have a bunch on my camera from last week.

Next App. June 2!

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Briana said...

Yay for the possibility of "nothing between the legs!"