Friday, May 2, 2008

Playing Outside

it has been Georgous out the past week or so, so i took advantage of the weather and took the boys out to play. Riley is riding the bike that he got 2 years ago for Christmas. he has finally learned to ride it and he is so proud of himself. We brought sawyers coupe outside as well. we have rileys old tricycle but i think sawyer is a little too short for it right now.
We are pretty much settled in the new house. we need to hang a few curtains here and there, but we are very much enjoying all of this space.
i have my first Doctor appointment for the baby on tuesday morning. i will be thirteen weeks as of then. i wanted to visit the midwife that i had when i was pregnant with Sawyer but it is to far to drive. so i will be seeing a new German doctor as well.

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Cristy said...

Go Riley! Flynn just started rising a bike too and it's all he wants to do now!