Sunday, July 27, 2008

Escape artist

Friday night i hear cries on the baby monitor coming from Sawyer's room. I roll over and peek at the monitor and i still hear cries but very faint. they arent triggering the lights on the monitor, So i get up and turn on the hall light and see Sawyer standing at the end of the hall. Little booger boy must have climbed out of bed, i scooped him up and put him back to bed and all was well the rest of the night. he has NEVER done that before and cant believe he did in the middle of the night in pitch dark. Not sure if he is ready to transition to a toddler bed just yet as he is all over his crib all night and i would be afraid of him falling out of bed. He has yet to do it again since friday, maybe he will stay put for now.

Riley Funny: We were grilling some hotdogs and corn yesterday evening and it started to sprinkle rain, Riley being the silly boy he is screamed "The Sky is Falling". Maybe he watched Chicken Little one too many times :).

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Amy said...

I totally remember the first - and only - time Soren did that. We immediately dropped the crib down to the floor (supported by some random pile of wood/books/blocks). It looked totally ridiculous but I never worried about him climbing out again!