Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mason Charles update!

Just got back from my appointment. I had my one hour Glucose test to check for Diabetes. Everything was A-ok. So far we are just sailing right along. Mason Weighs 2 pounds and is 12 inches long. i am still measuring almost TWO weeks ahead soo.. we may have a late october baby.

Next App: August 29th. From now on babys heartbeat will be monitored for 30 minutes at each appointment from now until Delivery!

Babys Name:

Mason : after noone in particular, i just think it flows with Riley and Sawyer and sounds a bit country too! (reminds me of My mom and Dad canning green beans in Mason Jars) :)

Charles: After my Dad. Although I didn't appreciate it at the time, he gave me a love of learning, a love for the land, and taught me about patience, dedication, and loyalty. Unfortunately, he sometimes demanded perfection, but maybe that was my adolescent perception of the situation. Now, I think maybe he was trying to teach me to use my mistakes as training mechanisms, which I have always done.

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Anonymous said...

My husband loved that name if we'd had a boy. I would love to have one more baby but I don't think I can see a Mason in my future. For some reason I think Julia or Aiden or Gabriel. LOL

Congrats on your pregnancy! I hope it goes wonderfully. :)