Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I usually tend to roll out of bed before the boys around say 6ish each morning, so that i can have time for myself before our day begins. This morning i rolled over and a cute little three year old was sleeping soundly in bryans spot. We have a routine, especially for meals and nighttime, last night we let the boys stay up until 8:30 ( ahalf hour past bedtime) let me back up, Riley was especially well behaved yesterday and i needed to go to the grocery store for a few things, so i told him he could pick out something that he wanted. He picked balloons, you know the ones that clowns make animal shapes with? the bag came with a pump, and i was all for hand pumping balloons since i loose my wind easily trying to blow them up by mouth. So anyway, i wish i would have taken pictures, Bryan was making silly animal shapes from the balloons and the boys were wearing them on their heads it really was so cute!

It seems that summer is making an early end around these parts, it has been cold and rainy the past week or so, and i think the boys are getting cabin fever. Riley especially! We run out of things to do around the house most days and always looking forward to daddy coming home after work. Speaking of Bryan he is studying and getting ready to go to the E-6 board come August, another raise in rank and pay would be awesome. he wont be picked up in august though if he does ok on the board we will have to wait for his points to be added and then he will be able to be picked up after that! Also we are looking at buying houses in Kentucky, we have found some pretty nice ones. we arent buying yet of course, just exploring our options. Also we have invested in Kansas city life, extra life insurance for the both of us (we already have coverage thru the army) and we are learning about investing along the way.

The pregnancy is going smoothly, i am over half way there already. My next Doc app is at the end of this month. i will also have my Glucose screening for Diabetes as well. We still havent done much baby shopping yet, we need everything! after Sawyer was born i gave away everything as he outgrew it. although we werent planning any more kids, things happen and this time i will keep everything in storage for at least the next 10 years.. ha ha!! Actually this coming month i am going to go get everything we need all at once and be finished with it. We actually turned Masons room into the playroom, and put the crib in our bedroom for now. I will be up and down all night for the first few months and our house is so big, i want to be able to get to him fast so we dont wake the other kids anyway. So no toys in the boys bedrooms, just beds and dressers, trust me it makes for easy daily cleanups :).

Pictures to come later.

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The Gookins said...

Congrats on your little boy!!! We just found out last week we are expecting another girl!!! I am sure Riley and Sawyer can't wait to have a little brother to add to their clan! Molly's pretty excited about having a little sister so she can "help" mommy! :0)