Tuesday, August 5, 2008


on occasion Riley will ask me for lunchmeat ( i am not one to fill my kids up on that crap! i am in no way saying lunch meat is bad, we eat it, i just prefer other things that arent filled with Saturated fat and Cholesterol.) i bought bologna this last time from the grocery store. Because a Bologna sandwich just sounded so good to me. So he asks for it and i give it to him telling him its not turkey its Bologna.
Five minutes later he comes back in and says
"That was good mom, can i have more bubpoowoni pwease".

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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

My third child, a girl, who is now 15, is the family carnivore. The girl loves meat. When she was little, she'd say, "Can I have a meat sandwich?" Didn't matter what kind! It's good to get your memories like the bologna one "down on paper" so to speak, because you'll want to remember those little moments one day.