Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still Here

.. and will update pictures over the weekend. We will be spending tomorrow at Holiday Park with Bryans work. The kids will have a blast!

Ive pretty much finished shopping for mason. We still need a Carseat, i cant find one i really like enough to pay $20.00 Plus for shipping :( The selection here is slim unless i want to buy a european Car seat on the Economy, but the Euro rate is .61 Cents to our Dollar!! highway robbery!

Bryan reinlisted for another 3 years last week so ill post pictures of that soon too.

Christmas Shopping has already started. Riley will be a cinch, He is really into the Ben 10 Movies and action figures. and he wants the bedding too. Sawyer is going to be a little harder because he is inbetween the baby and toddler stage. he still enjoys Stacking things and balls. You can only go so far with that. He really isnt big enough for a bike. and doesnt really play with cars yet. so he will be more of a challenge this year! and Mason will only be a month old so he will be pretty simple as well. We already have tons and tons of baby toys. So i am going to sew him a Sock monkey like i made for the boys last year and Some clothes, and im sure a few little toys.

Bryan and i's 5 year anniversary is coming up and i cant really think of anything i want. so i told him i wanted one of those Kitchen Aid Mixers (ive been into experimenting with cooking and baking a lot lately) and Season 4 of desperate housewives. thats about all i can think

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Amy said...

Hey Crissy - I've been thinking of you and watching your blog for a Mason update...I hope all is well. Thinking of you.